Hi, I'm Sander Solvak, a multi-disciplinary designer based in Tallinn, Estonia. For over 15 years I've helped clients both big and small with websites, apps, design systems, branding, books and more.

I believe in keeping things clean and simple, love extracting clarity from ambiguity and finding elegant solutions to problems, and try to leave things better than I found them.

I'm currently changing fintech as principal designer at Funderbeam. Previously, I was a design generalist at Playtech, working on everything from trade-shows and print designs of all shapes and sizes to websites and user interfaces. Time permitting, I still occasionally take on freelance projects.

My time off is spent with movies, cooking, travelling, on my bike or taking pictures.


If you want to get in touch for a project, it's best to e-mail me. I'm also on LinkedIn and twitter.


This site is designed and built by yours truly. The headings are set in Prospectus and the rest in Libre Franklin. It runs on a lovely little CMS called Kirby. No tracking or snooping or bullshit. Simple.


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