My buddy Tom Pooley approached me with the idea to develop a brand for his freelance copywriting and marketer antics.

Every job Tom takes on, is all about conversations. It all starts with a conversation two people have that leads one of them to have conversations with him, and once Tom has done his thing, continues with many more conversations elsewhere. What does a conversation look like? Naturally, it's a chat bubble. And a chat bubble coincidentally looks a little like the letter P, like in Pooley.

Whatever your business or the project at hand, there's a story somewhere in there that you need to tell your audience. Tom has experience and ideas, and wants to put them to work telling your story, so you can have many, many more conversations.

I kept the colour palette a simple twosome of black with a bit of vibrant blue (Plack and Plue ;).

For the typeface, I was looking for something to match Toms outgoing and talkative personality. The typeface I landed on is, coincidentally, I swear, called Decibel, with weights ranging from normal to louderer, to loudest. Check Deicel out on futurefonts.